Robert and Anna Lewandowski as STORM Bike Ambassadors!

    Robert and Anna Lewandowski have become STORM Bike Ambassadors, one of the fastest growing Polish bike brands. The collaboration with a world-class footballer and his wife, a sportswoman, karate champion and coach, is aimed at promoting the STORM, as well as supporting an active, healthy and family way of spending time.

    The STORM was founded in 2015 in Wielkopolska, where its manufacturing facility is also located. It now sells around 100,000 bikes a year and is already one of the sales leaders on the Polish market.

    „During 8 years, we have built a company from scratch, which has quietly and with hard, organised effort, joined the small group of Polish market leaders. So far, we have focused on improving the quality of our products and adapting our offer to our customers’ expectations in the best possible way. Today, we are ready to take the next step and start marketing activities to introduce our brand to a wide audience. We are a Polish company with international ambitions, which is why it was our dream to invite Robert and Anna Lewandowski, who are our role models and the best example of how with hard work and mutual support you can reach the top and fulfil your dreams. This is also the path that the STORM brand is following and I am proud that we will continue to follow it together, inspiring more and more people to live an active, family lifestyle and start an adventure with our single-track vehicles.” – said Adam Ziętek, a STORM founder and owner

    The range of the brand includes nearly 250 models of touring and city bikes, more than 200 types of mountain bikes, as well as 60 types of kid’s bikes. Cooperation with the Ambassadors coincides with the introduction of a range of modern electric bikes, which are one of the fastest growing bike segments in the world.

    „I actually first heard about the STORM brand when its owner made us an offer to work together. I was surprised to hear how strong a position it had managed to gain on the Polish market in recent years. However, it was the vision and story behind the brand that prompted us to start working together. Dreams, hard work, great ambitions, a focus on quality and continuous development, and at the same time a belief in values such as promoting a healthy and family-oriented lifestyle, all this is consistent with what we ourselves are driven by on a daily basis. That is why I am delighted that, together with Anna, we will be able to support the Polish STORM brand in its development and fulfilment of its business dreams.” – said Robert Lewandowski.

    STORM bikes are available at more than 350 distribution outlets throughout Poland, particularly in small and medium-sized towns and cities. In the near future, the brand plans a very dynamic development of its sales and service network, especially in large cities, which will be helped by the onset of intensive marketing activities. Its business model is based on wholesale and cooperation with specialised partners, who provide the highest level of sales and service support. The manufacturing facility located in Poland significantly facilitates and shortens the time of warranty service, which is a very important argument when customers choose a bike brand.

„We are stepping up to a new level and we are ready for it. I am very happy that we have managed to win the trust of Robert and Anna Lewandowski. Now it’s time to work hard to get new customers to trust us. I believe in the quality of our products, I know that we are constantly developing, we listen to our customers and we introduce new models and categories to our offer, so I am convinced that we are well positioned to strive for leadership on the Polish market in the next few years” – added Adam Ziętek.

The first STORM campaign with the Ambassadors is planned for the second half of May this year. The cooperation will include image activities, promotional campaigns, sponsorship billboards and POS materials. All activities will be supported by extensive communication in social media, as well as on traditional media.